Live shows

Andy and Sids Summer Show
Andy and Sid (from cbeebies ‘let’s play’) have organised a summer party, only Andy has been distracted and forgotten all about it, so they need your help to put the party on, with re-mixed, jazzed up Nursery Rhymes and lots of games, you are gonna have a great time. A treat for both adults and children. 

Andy and Sids summer show is a 40 minute show full of songs, games and madness.

Andys world
Andy has been asked to clear out his bedroom by his mum! and as a result is taken back in time remembering all the things he loved as a child, with plenty of interaction, a dinosaur and a bit of Dj-ing and lots of original music, the audience are sure to be kept on their toes from start to finish!

45 minute show, no interval.


Andy and Mikes Tick Tock Time Machine
Andy and his best friend Mike, go on an epic journey involving a time machine to retrieve some important items for old Andy in the future, it’s imperative they make it, otherwise we may never see old Mike again!

1st act 40 minutes.

Interval 20 minutes

2nd act 40 minutes.

Please contact for enquiries or visit for more info.